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about us

The brand and company Toseto was established in 2013 providing management services to housing developers, industries, retail and other companies operating in Scandinavia and neighboring countries with a focus on industrial infrastructure.

Over the course of several years of work in the local market, Toseto has been involved in projects of varying complexities and sizes resulting in practical positive results. Since 2016, the company has acted as a supplier/contractor to several organizations in Sweden both in the public and industrial sector with services within the construction industry.

By 2020, the company established a new legal entity, Toseto Sweden AB with its headquarters located in Luleå and joined the trade union association Byggnads.

Why work with us?

Unique strategy for all projects. The strategic design and scope is always carried out on an individual basis. This results in tailored solutions to the function and requirements of your steel structure.
Full compliance with set deadlines. Our team at Toseto will always keep a proficient execution in all aspects to ensure our clients high service level and satisfaction.
A professional team at all levels: constructors, installers, managers and architects. Toseto is a member of the trade union Byggnads and ID06 is always applied.
Our products are manufactured to the highest industry standards and offer the fastest lead times for steel structures at cost-effective and competitive prices.


Kirill Kuzhelko
Kirill Kuzhelko stems from the start-up world, where together with partners launched and developed five companies that have successfully taken positions in their market niches. He specializes in implementing tools for exponential development of companies and standardization of business processes. Education: Master of Business Administration - Business Administration and Marketing, Master in Business Administration and Economics. Contract law and Work environment coordination base P / U.
Vitaly Frantkovsky
Vitaly Frantkovsky is a contractor with 20 years of experience in the construction industry, specializing in general construction work and prefabricated steel structures. During his work, he has gained a reputation as a reliable partner and professional work coordinator who can find the most competitive and strategic business solutions. A wide network of contacts and knowledge of the market helps in adapting to the customer's needs and finding the best conditions regarding work planning and in purchasing.
Our certificates
ISO 14001: 2015
ISO 9001:2015
EN 1090
SS-EN 1090-1 applies to structural parts in steel and aluminum that are manufactured in a workshop. The products must have a declaration of performance and be CE marked when they are sold. The workshop must be certified against the standard to be able to declare and label the products.

For the design, both in the workshop and at the construction site, the standard SS-EN 1090-2 applies to structural members of steel and the standard SS-EN 1090-3 for structural members of aluminum.

The standard SS-EN 1090-1 does not contain any separate rules for dimensioning or manufacturing. Requirements for dimensioning are found in the Eurocodes and in the national elections specified in the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's regulation EKS.