Toseto Sweden AB works strictly in accordance with requirements of the General Data Protection Ordinance, which regulates the processing, storage and usage of personal data for EU citizens.

In accordance to Article 5
We only request personal information from our customers that are of necessity to carry out correct identification and do not store the received information for longer than required. At the same time, the company ensures the right level of security to prevent unauthorized access, loss or damage to the personal data received.
In accordance with Articles 6, 7 and 8
Toseto Sweden AB only receives personal data with the consent of the person providing the information. We ask for the information that is necessary for satisfactory communication, these are set by the customer himself.
In accordance to Articles 15, 17 and 20
Every visitor to Toseto Sweden AB has the right to know what personal data we receive and store and for what purposes we use it. At any time, the customer has the right to demand to stop processing and to delete all personal data.
In accordance to Article 35
Toseto Sweden AB regularly evaluates the effects of data protection to identify and eliminate any risks and to develop necessary measures to manage these risks and report on these activities to regulatory authorities in the event of leakage of customer information or hacker attacks for example.