Why should you choose a building made of steel structures?
A construction kit is a special kind of fast erectable building technology that makes it today relatively simple to erect any type of building that would have historically taken a long time, a lot of work, and heftier financial investment to construct.

Quickly erectable buildings embrace mainly 2 elements: metal frame and sandwich panels. Toseto Sweden AB provides numerous varieties of steel structures, performs delivery to the desired location and installation works - in an efficient and professional manner.
Repair or thermal insulation requires no dismantling work and is carried out on site, so we can replace damaged panels during operation without dismantling the building.
In the process of manufacturing steel structures and sandwich panels, our manufacturers use high-quality materials and safe technologies according to ISO 14001:2015.
Fire Resistance
We have a wide range of fire resistant materials from El15 to El120, depending on the customer's needs both for metal and for roof and wall panels.
In an already existing building, you can make redevelopment at any time, add floors, and increase the area of the building.
Why Toseto Sweden AB?